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Become The Leader You Were Meant To Be Transform your leadership with the Personal Leadership Accelerator


Become The Leader You Were Meant To Be Transform your leadership with the Personal Leadership Accelerator

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What Is Impossible For You?

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MARCOS ROSSI was born in Brazil, without arms or legs. Despite facing numerous setbacks in all areas of life, Marcos decided from a very early age that he would not be a victim of destiny, neither would he behave like one. As a little boy, he discovered there are no limitations for a person with willpower. His indomitable will to live, to enjoy life, to make the most of his life; to give the best of himself and to transform im-possible to possible is truly inspiring.

Marcos is married to the love of his life and is a father of two children. He is a trained lawyer, a senior leader in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at a world-renowned bank, a gifted musician and vocalist in a band, a drummer in a samba school, a DJ, a surfer, a skateboarder, a diver. Most of all, Marcos is happy & fulfilled.

What Is Im-Possible For You?

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Marcos will show you how to overcome seemingly impossible challenges and limiting beliefs
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Marcos Rossi shares with us how to overcome challenges and seemingly impossible limitations (including external challenges and limiting beliefs that constrain us at an individual, team or organizational level). He explains how to transform a victim mentality into a victor mindset and amplify your life and your leadership with the mindset of a Champion.
“What is Im-Possible for You?”

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