Papillon & Partners is a Leadership Coaching and Consulting Company, specialized in guiding individuals and organizations to develop clarity of vision and purpose, and to implement strategies, actions and behaviors on a day-to-day basis that bring about cultural, organizational and business transformations through sustainable results, healthy high-performing teams and great morale within their organizations.

Papillon & Partners is dedicated to helping clients function more effectively through great leadership, high-performing teams and personal leadership development in a 21st century global context.

A Global Alliance of Highly Skilled Certified Coaches

Papillon & Partners consists of a global alliance of highly skilled certified Coaches who are experienced practitioners with international and line management experience. With this strong global network of excellent multi-cultural and multi-lingual Coaches, we are able to service large-scale projects in a global context.

Papillon & Partners coaches are skilled in leadership coaching, executive coaching and systemic team coaching. Coaches have several years line management, leadership, and coaching experience and deliver executive (team) coaching services, leadership development, leadership transition programs, senior leader on-boarding programs and stakeholder-centered coaching, inspired by the latest research in leadership, resilience, agility, neuroscience and innovative learning practices. We are extremely proud of the calibre, quality and impact of our coaches!

Global Presence

Papillon & Partners coaches work in the following countries (a selection):


Multiple Languages


Global Delivery Capabilities

Papillon & Partners is represented in +30 countries and has coaching capabilities in +25 languages. Our +50 highly-skilled certified leadership coaches work on 5 continents.

Virtual, blended & in-person programs

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